This workshop, which may be extended into a series if required, is based on Jenny Simanowitz’ book “Performance Coaching- creative role-playing and status at work” published By Beltz Verlag in 2016. It has proved a useful addition to standard communication and leadership trainings, not least because it allows participants to give full vent to their creativity!

How we act in daily life is always a result of our "performative patterns", which have been shaped by hundreds of larger and smaller experiences, starting in early childhood and being influenced by different significant social groups- our individual and cultural experiences.

In this workshop, the conscious as well as the "involuntary" patterns are examined.

Practical exercises allow the participants to deepen their insight into their behaviour. They receive ongoing feedback from the trainer and the group as to how others perceive them. The strengths of their performances are highlighted. At the same time they receive tips and suggestions for positive development.


Key Topics

  • What do my performance patterns look like and how do they become visible?
  • Roleplaying from "inside" and "outside"
  • Status-behaviour- how it shows itself in subtexts and non-verbal behaviour
  • Role- casting and how to rid oneself of unwanted or inappropriate roles; Extension of the "performance repertoire"

This workshop is accepted as a credit for some courses such as mediation and life-coach.