Guestspeaker and Energy Inputs for Events

small Interventions with a large effect!

For the past ten years Jenny Simanowitz has investigated unconscious perception and how this influences our feelings and behaviour.

During this time she has discovered and developed over 100 games and exercises which stimulate “subconscious learning.” These raise our awareness of communication processes while at the same time having an uplifting effect on our individual mood and on the atmosphere in a group.




Jenny has used these exercises in trainings as diverse as Telephone-Sales, Management-Training, intercultural trainings and train-the-trainer.

She has now collected them, with written comments and instructions, in a collection entitled “5 Minute Stimmungsmacher” (5 Minute Energy Pauses) to be published by Ökotopia Verlag in Germany in October 2008.


In this book and in her interactive lectures she explains how to use these exercises so as encourage liveliness and creativity. Her lectures, which can last from 20 minutes to two hours, are wellknown for their combination of light humour and intensive learning.

 The specific content of each seminar is worked out according to the needs of the participants.