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 A performative story-telling evening
Jenny Simanowitz - author and performer
Celia Mara - singer

Love, Laughter, Libido

Some months after the death of her life partner, a friend persuades a 72- year- old woman to join a dating site for “some special hours”. She uncovers, among other things, her domatrix yearnings, encounters a man whose tragedy is having an oversize phallus, and fights off numerous 35-year-olds who are determined to get her into bed.

The stories, half-read and half-told, unturn myths about sex and age, reveal the sad truth about how many relationships suffer from “bed death” and explore the everyday fantasies, tendencies and “fetishes” that liven up our lives!

...and inbetween the stories… the wonderful, Brazilien singer CELIA MARA!

Datum: Monday, 30 October, 8pm

Ort: Cafe Korb Art Lounge, Brandstätte/Tuchlauben, 1010 Wien

Karten: € 20,- ermäßigt € 15,-
Reservierung: , Tel: 0664-4750055

See the video from her TEDtalk at TEDxVienna 2022!



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8. October 2022




We are living in a silver world. We are getting older and staying active for longer periods of time. Silver society is ✨on the rise✨. As "Wild Granny Jenny" Communication trainer, performer, and upcoming TEDxVienna speaker, Jenny Simanowitz doesn't mince with her words.

Our generation uses social media to confront and challenge our peers. Jenny uses the flexibility of her age in her talk to discuss things that others may find uncomfortable yet are vital to everyone.


Here is the video:












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