Actions without Names

Actions without Names



"Actions without Names" combines entertainment and training as a theatrical mirror of everyday life. Scenes are played which give the audience the chance to laugh at daily occurrences, improve their communication skills and come into contact with other participants.

Whether we are at work or at play, our unconscious perceptions, our body language, our involuntary roles and our projections play a vital part in determining whether our communication is successful.

In this performance/workshop, topics are investigated which influence our daily communication. We analyse those aspects of our behaviour which aid positive communication and success in achieving our goals, and those which act as "blocks".


Topics include:

  • Differences in perception, unconscious perception and how it affects our behaviour.
  • How we perceive the body language of others. What signals we can read into their body language and what our own body language signalizes...
  • Status-games and how we can react to them
  • How we play our roles. Which roles we play on a conscious level and which unconscious elements enter our role-play.
  • How positive communication is achieved or hindered
  • "Working-to-make-your-partner-look-good"

 The specific content of each seminar is worked out according to the needs of the participants.